HO Scale MK5000C Locomotive, HO Scale. New Release

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This listing is for a MK5000C engine shell kit. The kit consists of the engine shell only. This is made to drop onto a ATH RTR SD50 frame. You will need to remove metal on the frame so the front tank on the engineer side will drop down. Windows will be separate and come in the future. You should be able to use handrails and other detail from your donor ATH SD50 engine. There will be minor flash and some cleanup. This shell is made from polyurethane resin and ca works best for any gluing. If you were to have any bubbles or voids you can fill them with CA or thick CA and or putty but should be bubble free. Paint prep I recommend mineral spirits and not soap and water. If you use soap and water with resin, I don't want to hear the paint didn't stick. Returns: if you open the package and start working on the shell, I will not accept the return.

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